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  • Active suspension application
  • Body control
  • Anti-lock brake
  • Electronic shifter

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New Generation Smart Cockpit Multimedia SoC SE1000

Multi-OS IVI system

NPU inside for AI applications

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New Generation Smart Cockpit SoC SE1000

SE1000, new generation smart cockpit SoC,designed with industry-leading 7-nanometer(nm) process technology, featureshigh performance and low-power dissipation, enables to support the In-Vehicle Infotainment system.With high-performance customized CPUclusters, heterogeneous computing system, SE1000 provides users with anexcellent performance experience. Embedded AI neural network processing unitboosts the audio-visual experience and the ADAS function.

The new multi-core graphics processing unitdynamically allocates resources according to the load; one machine withmultiple screens and systems supports multiple high-resolution screenoutputs at the same time; built-in high-performance audiosignal processing unit and rich audio interfaces offer an extraordinary A/V entertainment experience.

With high safety level "Safety Island", satisfy the ISO26262 automotivecertification to guarantee vehicle function safety; professional hardware encryption/decryption engine provides security informationwarranty for In-Vehicle application.

In the meantime, the product also shows high performance in communication subsystemand peripheral interfaces.

The first generation smart cockpit multimedia chip SE1000